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Team Hardwood

Team Hardwood/Trek is one of the largest and longest running mountain bike development programs in Canada.  They are also one of the most successful programs. At the 2013 Canadian National Mountain Bike Championships held on our “home turf” at Hardwood Ski and Bike, 5 of the Nationals Champions were products of Team Hardwood/Trek! One other truly outstanding performance in 2013 came from recent THT graduate Peter Disera, who raced to a Silver medal at the 2013 Mountain Bike World Championships, yes that’s right Peter came second in the world!

We truly like to measure our success as a program at Team Hardwood/Trek by the happy, smiling faces of our athletes and families as they ride their bikes, have fun with their friends and develop into not only great athletes, but outstanding people! Team Hardwood/Trek is an amazing, family based organization where everyone in the family has the chance to get out on their bikes and “rip it up.” We have programs for the kids and it is really awesome to see so many of our parents get together and not only ride with their kids, but make new friends with other parents and ride together. Team Hardwood/Trek can really be described best with our “three F’s” FUN, FAMILY AND FRIENDS. We always have fun with our families and friends on our bikes, and a really awesome by product of this is we develop amazingly fast athletes who achieve spectacular results!

For more information, please visit the Team Hardwood Trek Website.

Or email coach Rob Fex at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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